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Mind & Body Cross-Training

     The MBX Training philosophy is that the body and mind must be trained simultaneously in order to achieve one's desired results. Far too often, one is valued more than the other. For athletes, the body is typically trained more than the mind. For executives, the mind is usually at work more than the body. And for the rest of us striving to meet our own personal goals, we are often confronted with challenges in one or both areas. MBX Training offers customized performance and fitness training at one of our facilities, or we can design a program for you to do at your gym or home.

Athlete Training

     Our athlete protocols include training for flexibility, speed, strength, power, agility, and conditioning. All skills are designed for injury prevention and performance enhancement. Mental training protocols are infused into the workouts to optimize both the neurological and psychological demands of sport competition.

      Training sessions are customized and supervised to match the developmental levels of each athlete, ranging from beginner to elite/professional. 

Fitness Training

     Our fitness training programs all start with a shared commitment to setting and meeting your personal goals in health & fitness. Through personal training, group sessions, or workout assignments that we design for you, our training offers development in flexibility, core strength, aerobic & anaerobic conditioning, and muscle toning/building. Built into those sessions are the essential mental training skills of motivation, stress management, confidence, and other factors of mindset required to live happier and healthier.

MBX Training

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